5 Major Principles and Technologies in Efficient Web Design at Web Design Bangkok

At Web Design Bangkok, effective web design is a major priority for all websites delivering key features and important user elements that make surfing websites smooth & easy while giving vital information.

Navigation; this means the level of ease with which users can take actions and move around a particular website. Effective and proper navigation strategy includes logical page hierarchy, use of bread crumbs, designing clickable buttons and following the ‘three click rule’ where users are able to access data they are searching for in a very short span.

Grid Based Layouts; content placement on web pages has a fundamental impression and impact. Grid based layouts precisely position and put together content into sections, columns and boxes which appear balanced and lead to better looking web design.

Mobile Adaptability and Load Time; accessing websites on various screen sizes is important for modern websites as mobile friendliness has since taken center stage. Responsive design simply means websites adapt to fit into different screen sizes. Optimized websites offer mobile users access to online services and goods on the go. Moreover, slow page loading is a negative factor for all websites as online user attention span is limited. Optimizing image sizes, combining code into central CSS or JavaScript files may offer some faster page loading figures.

Colors and Images; colors always affect human interpretation positively or negatively. Using high quality images aids online brands position and connect easily with target audiences. High quality resolution images, infographics, videos and graphics enhance and affect user perceptions.

Purpose / Use and Communication; user satisfaction and service is at the forefront of good web design. Online users often search for vital data, leisure, interactivity and ecommerce services online. Web pages must have clear purpose in order to satisfy users. Users also search for information easy to interpret. Information must be clear from headlines and sub-headlines, bullet points and presented precisely.

Make definitive web presence and deign that underscores the perfection and eye for detail with Web Design Bangkok at MVM Infotech.


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