App Development Bangkok Services by MVM Infotech

App Development Bangkok Services by MVM Infotech


What Unique Features Transform IPhone or Android Apps with App Design Bangkok?

At App Design Company, modern apps be it for iPhone, android and windows have been shifting and changing as the race for better innovation is constantly changing. Apps are forever redefining the ways we do basic tasks like send emails, browse online, maintain official communication or enhance our business agenda. These are some comparative features on the most adapted and prominent apps with app design company.

Prominent Features in Both Android and IPhone Apps with the App Development Company

i-OS Features

Massive App Ecosystem: distinct advantage for tablet apps while on Smartphone popular apps are usually available for both platforms.

Integration on Facebook and Twitter: updates and shares on social networks using iOS faster than Android because of deep integration on the platform.

iOS Apps e.g. Passbook, FaceTime and mobile payments app Square (available on iOS4,4S,5, 6 limited on few Android phone models)

Interface Lock Down: limited customization options on home screens as users only install apps from the Apple App Store.

Software Upgrade; Apple adds software upgrade to all device hardware able to handle new software. It makes devices stay updated with software features for a long period of time.

Secure Privacy Control: iOS gives high control protocol on access apps to private user data and information like contacts and location.

Android Features

Massive Hardware Selection: Android running devices are available at many price points with varying hardware capability, screen sizes and features.

Efficiently Customizable User Experience: home screen customizable with app icons and widgets that allow users to stay connected. Examples include SwiftKey modifying Android Smartphone keyboards, and apps that emulate older gaming consoles. Google has few restrictions than Apple on types of apps in the Play store. Several options to install Android apps from places other than Google Play store. Choose App Development Bangkok apps that confer variety of features and platforms to accomplish your personal or business tasks with MVM Infotech.

Android App Development; Unique Features and Aspects

As one of the most prolific and evolutionary App Design Company, android platforms and mobile operating systems (OS), have been setting new benchmarks for reliable, faster, stronger and robust apps in the app development market. At App Development Bangkok, the rise in android app development is clearly illustrated. The OS is well-evolved and equipped for almost all sorts of apps with less effort. Android is tailored to bring more personalized and rich user experience and interface. Android’s SDK is an immense tool for developers with a variety of app ideas. Androids app development special features and aspects include;  

Android Apps are Custom-Developed Programs for Numerous Applications; be it for entertainment, education, reading, writing, gaming or utility android applications are made for several tasks that the app developer wants to perform through Smartphones or tablets. Android users get freedom to use devices of any brand in the market. The only pre-condition is the devices should be running on android as the core software or operating system.

Android Apps Have Multiple Distribution Channels; one common way to deliver android apps to users is through official android app store, Google Play. Besides Google Play store, there are exists several third-party app stores through which developers can distribute their apps without limits. Google search engine allows users to install apps from sources other than Google Play.

Android is a User-Friendly Operating System; especially for touch screen devices as even if users aren’t acquainted with use of Smartphones, Android adaptation and use is very simple. Android apps are available for most computing purposes imaginable that mobiles can handle.

For best user experience and more evolved mobile operating system, App Design Bangkok has emerged with a set of standard benchmarks in making the android mobile operating platform the best to use and rely on. With excellence and creativity, mobile App Development Company enhances stakes with globally competitive app design.

Get the Hold of the Market as the Best App Design Company in Bangkok


There is no question that you kicked off your business as an App Design Company in Bangkok with a lofty aim to lead the market one day. However, when a chain of issues does not allow your business to come out of the shell and show its potential then consider the time to contemplate and invade all the issues to have a clear driveway. Following are some of the major roadblocks that might bring you down from getting the hold of it.

App Development with No Exact Strategy

Making an entry into the app development arena without devising an apt strategy can put an end to your dream to reach at the top as the best App Design Company in Bangkok. This approach results in creating apps used by none at the end.

Outsourcing Mobile App Development Does

Just by getting the app development outsourced does not allow you to get free from your responsibilities. While, to get the desired results your heavy involvement in the process is as necessary as anything else. You must visit the development team quite often to get the feed over the progress. Getting such details will keep you updated. Moreover, you can also give necessary feedback and contribute in the development.

Flexibility of App

To get an app developed quickly, the mobile developers come with a proper strategy and framework, which is completely different than the old development scenarios. Moreover, with the use of advanced app development tools and techniques the developers have given the entire process a notch.

Single App Development Model

Having only on a single app development can stop you delivering high-performance mobile apps. Some makers insist on the cutting-edge techniques that can simply boost the performance of the apps.